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the moment a musical, or sound work is recorded it becomes detached from the original performance, and this once-transient event is fixed in time as a material object, which no longer belongs to any specific environment or space, but anywhere with a loud-speaker array. Michael Chanan refers to a “…machine that turned the intangible sound of music into a material object…” With the inevitable progress of time however, the material object very quickly enters into the realms of historical curios, providing a physical archive of social, cultural, and for some, emotional association.


short flights is a study of the transient nature of life and physical manifestation - represented here through music and sound as time-based phenomena with accompanying video abstract. A sequence of generative compositions seek to explore the space between live performance and recorded artefact.


the compositions are electronic process pieces, each one created as a single performance take by the artist in collaboration with electronic modular systems, and following a set of pre-defined constraints.


accompanying video for transire ii and i is captured on location close to the artist’s home, with original oscilloscope narrative generated for transire iii.

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