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crossing Alexanderplatz (Yōroppa the City) -
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beautiful city, the centre and crater of European confusion,
O you with your passionate shriek for the rights of an equal
How often your Re-volution has proven but E-volution
Roll’d again back on itself in the tides of a civic insanity!


Alfred Lord Tennyson


crossing Alexanderplatz (Yōroppa the City) was performed using a new modular instrument and without any computer programming or automation. It was created with audio debris collected across central Berlin in late May 2016. It includes audio from a number of different sources, notably the audio-click used to assist the blind at traffic crossings, as well as Turkish protestors demonstrating a few weeks before the failed coup d'état in Turkey later that summer.


culture and civilisations collide and convolve with a mixture of confusion, familiarity, tension and moments of light relief.


the patch itself is very simple, based around a live performance using the Make Noise Phonogene, Olivier Gillet’s granular synthesizer; Clouds, and Tom Whitwell’s Radio Music module.

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